Monday, December 5, 2011


"Melissa is an iconic global footwear brand that traces its origins to Brazil. Melissa’s avant-garde designs are often considered pieces of art in and of themselves. Over the years, Melissa has partnered with the world’s brightest design talents including fashion designers (e.g. Vivienne Westwood), architects (e.g. Karim Rashid and Zaha Hadid), and furniture designers (e.g. The Campana Brothers), among others.
From sexy stilettos to fabulous flats, Melissa shoes have re-invented the much-loved jelly, bringing style and comfort to a whole new level. Melissa looks forward to bringing the future of fashion to the world."

I'm a fan of this jelly shoe brand. They smell so nice pa! here's their site:

This Season, My wishlist from Melissa Shoe Collection:

So Preeeeetty right?

AAHHH, I always love FUUURR! So i gotta have this one! =)

sooooo, OK bye! I'm drooling na! =)

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