Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lemon Blonde...

I always wanted to be blonde. Well, maybe because of Barbie the doll ( I still have lotsa those till now for my collection). But I can't imagine myself wearing wigs, and again, I've lotsa those also and only my mannequins are wearing them, oh well wigs are quite useful for photoshoots though. Then finally before the Nepan Christmas Party, my boyfriend's company, I've decided to try it, to the extent of almost having it bleached. Yeap, it's not yet "bleached" and its the lightest so far than the past blonde attempts I've had. I'll just update you later if ever I'll decide to have it lighter than it is now.. =)
That's during Nepan Christmas Costume Party (2011). Me being the elegant Minnie Mouse- designed by yours truly. To get a full view of my whole ensemble here: also here: 

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