Sunday, September 30, 2012


Silka is a brand for products by Cosmetique Asia. It's a soap or a lotion. And If you're wondering what other products: here.
So anyways, our company were chosen to join their merchandising contest. The mechanics's pretty easy HAHAHA or not? 
This was our 3rd time to join. The 1st one was in 2010, our theme was a "Bahay Kubo", we won second place. the story /inspiration was so simple. Filipino house with a papaya tree and a "Duyan".

and last year 2011, our theme's a church- A family that stays together prays together. A family entering the church. (sorry super few photos.) Won first place.

That's my new chow last year- my baby Chigo but sadly he died October 2011. It still breaks my heart.

The awarding night was held in Cebu. So me and my assistant went.

  For 2012, our theme's a chinese temple with a dragon.. ohhhmyy I forgot to take a photo of our dragon covered silka sachet! well, I'll just post it later in instagram. The dragon's still there pa naman...

So again, that's my Lookbook post.for the day.. =)

This was my Lookbook post for the awarding night. 

That's Mr. Edwin Patenio of Cosmetique Asia, One of my fave manager! Super mabait.

We won that title! =)

She sings well.. =) One of our entertainers for the night.

The beautiful Wilma Abunda went with me.

the venue's only here in Bacolod so of course Masskara dancers entertained the guest especially those from other cities.

Yeah, We're champion again! Thank God!

Lovely ladies! Our Promodisers =) They also received an award because of us winning the contest.

The event's in Circle INN.

I was appointed to be the designer. well I am a designer HAHAHA =) my co-artist and the ones who help.. Well, the helpers there were plenty of them actually coz that's not very easy - my design HAHAHA my co-artist had a hard time deciding what materials to used.

But the best part, because we won, they also received some free goods.. a blessing! To God be the glory!

Nepan Costume Party 2011

I knoooooooow. This post was long overdue. It's the Nepan Sales Christmas Party 2011 which was last year. Yeah yeah, I just remembered to post it now coz the next one's fast approaching.
Nepan's my boyfie's company. and guess what, it's a Costume party, which I probably loved the most! HAHAHA 
The cutest Tiger Lily, I've met my whole life! HAHA

Well, Tiger Lily- character from the stories of Peter Pan..

My super gorgeous sushi sister wearing my shoe design- Poise

I gotta post this pic.. the lovely erlson pilla- the Unilever guys..

And of course, my Lookbook post..
So, there.. I was Minnie mouse with a twist of a japanese anime HAHAHA =)
the dress I designed myself, specifically for the event. Boots from my virtual fairygodmother and virtual friend Mae Sergio of Virtual Mae! =)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Virtual Mae

Ohh how I love her so I'm blogging about her and her shoes.. haha yeap, she sells shoes! Stylish and of quality. Like me.. =P purghhhhhhhhh! How I wish.. hahaha
She's famous! Her shoes are always featured in magazines and all. Like her shoes she's pretty gorgeous! the name's Mae Sergio.

Hey Mae! I'll be blogging about these wonderful shoes for now.. Wishing to have one of those or all of those soon! HAHAHA

My fave one from her new collecction!!=) 
By the way, I have around 10? or is it 12? shoes from her!! I'll be blogging about it soon!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I haven't bought my cam that night so just grabbed these photos from all my classmates fb pics.
MBA- Masters of Business Administration, yeap I am currently studying in University of St. La Salle. hahaha
I love to study! yet I enjoy the moment and the feeling every time the teacher declares no class! 
Anyways, back to our acquaintance. Each class must present something and ours a fashion show styled by me with my designs and all. I've blogged about our dress rehearsal here

Our theme for the night's party- Glamrock. So that's what I decided to wear. It's a Michael Jackson inspired dress because of that shoulder details, under a Tie-Dyed tube and a vest. hahaha and that's me with my classmate trying to curl her hair.

That's my classmate Maybelle, I styled her glamrock look and yes those from my boutique and the shoes my designs- POISE. She looks lovely, yes? =) and the shoes made the whole thing not boring.

what they're wearing for the fashion show presentation. 

That's jen, so gorgeous with her glamrock outfit and the shoes- Poise designs. Red is really a powerful color. 

Maybelle with Grace and their shoes from Poise.

That's my outfit post with my fringe bag and studded sandals.
 HAHA Thanks Kahmil for the photos. =)