Monday, September 17, 2012

Cotton Candy day

That day was a dress rehearsal for my classmates in MBA(Masters of Business Ad), for our presentation at our acquaintance party. Our presentation's to showcase my designs and to dress them up. They went to my boutique and I styled them. And well, some of them bought dresses and shoes for the party.

My boutique is my life, my breather for all the pressures of my obligations/work. it's just a block away from my workplace.. hahaha Life could sometime be pretty easy. =)

and well I also bought my personal stuff for them to wear at the show.
Later... Dinner date with boyfie's fam and relatives. We dined at Imays, one of the famous restos here in Bacolod City.

no make up... my face ached from sunburned. 2days after our Sipaway trip.

my sunkissed face, showing some reds.  That white with black circled bracelet- bought at Boracay, years ago. Ohh how I love unique stuff. hahaha

and well my Lookbook post or fashion diary of what i wore. I'm really loving my watch and my butterfly necklace..
ohhh I know, I love almost everything.. hahaha 

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