Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ma-ao Bago- Negros Occidental

Dated September 1, 2012.
We had a reunion at Maao Bago for our BLD Singles Ministry. I am member since last year. The location was at the Aguilar's private resort/ rest house. very cooldddd!
And yes I was wearing two of my fave watches from ODM and Swatch. I've blogged about my ODM watch here if you guys have read it. =)
The Swatch one is new. Thank you so much cousin.

That's what I wore that day. very comfy and casual. Printed shorts from ZARA. Heart printed shirt from the Dulci Project. well of course, the sneakers from Converse, my super fave brand for sneakers. ( I've a collection of Converse sneakers) =)
I took the photo. That boy's my bodyguard/employee who's with me that day so I've someone with me while driving home. Ma-ao's an hour or sometimes a 40mins drive from Bacolod City.

These lovely ones are my friends and we belong to the Praise group. yeah, they sing pretty well.

So while driving back home, I decided to tour my employee to the famous Buenos Aires, just near the Aguilar's. 


It's his first time in Ma-ao so... we paid the entrance though we're just there for like 10mins HAHAHA.
By the way, Buenos Aires has a spring watered pool. yeap, that's what I've been told. and veeeeryy coold. I know coz I used to love swimming in that pool when I was a kid.

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