Monday, September 17, 2012


I haven't bought my cam that night so just grabbed these photos from all my classmates fb pics.
MBA- Masters of Business Administration, yeap I am currently studying in University of St. La Salle. hahaha
I love to study! yet I enjoy the moment and the feeling every time the teacher declares no class! 
Anyways, back to our acquaintance. Each class must present something and ours a fashion show styled by me with my designs and all. I've blogged about our dress rehearsal here

Our theme for the night's party- Glamrock. So that's what I decided to wear. It's a Michael Jackson inspired dress because of that shoulder details, under a Tie-Dyed tube and a vest. hahaha and that's me with my classmate trying to curl her hair.

That's my classmate Maybelle, I styled her glamrock look and yes those from my boutique and the shoes my designs- POISE. She looks lovely, yes? =) and the shoes made the whole thing not boring.

what they're wearing for the fashion show presentation. 

That's jen, so gorgeous with her glamrock outfit and the shoes- Poise designs. Red is really a powerful color. 

Maybelle with Grace and their shoes from Poise.

That's my outfit post with my fringe bag and studded sandals.
 HAHA Thanks Kahmil for the photos. =)

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