Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nepan Costume Party 2011

I knoooooooow. This post was long overdue. It's the Nepan Sales Christmas Party 2011 which was last year. Yeah yeah, I just remembered to post it now coz the next one's fast approaching.
Nepan's my boyfie's company. and guess what, it's a Costume party, which I probably loved the most! HAHAHA 
The cutest Tiger Lily, I've met my whole life! HAHA

Well, Tiger Lily- character from the stories of Peter Pan..

My super gorgeous sushi sister wearing my shoe design- Poise

I gotta post this pic.. the lovely erlson pilla- the Unilever guys..

And of course, my Lookbook post..
So, there.. I was Minnie mouse with a twist of a japanese anime HAHAHA =)
the dress I designed myself, specifically for the event. Boots from my virtual fairygodmother and virtual friend Mae Sergio of Virtual Mae! =)

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