Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sipaway Negros Occidental

 Sipaway is an island located in San Carlos City Negros Occidental. though You still need to ride a small boat going to that island. And well, you only have to pay 10php each person.

Actually the trips purpose was to do an inventory check and bike repairs with our Selecta livelihood program business. But we were able to finished it earlier so we decided to go to Sipaway.

We didn't really get to visit the resorts. we just stayed near the boat terminal. There were divers. There's a public cottage that cost only 20php per block.  and we get to cook  food since we brought a griller and the likes.

The water's so inviting so I decided to take a dip, though I didn't plan to at all.

Sea Urchins! Very pointy. A couple of them were seen. we had to put them under the rocks so we wont be able to be pricked by them. Though one of us was.
Yeah I was really curious about it... but we returned this one.

We just stayed there for a couple of hours but we got sunburned. HAHAHA

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