Monday, October 1, 2012


One of my realization tonight... I was once a brand ambassador for P&G's Whisper in the year 2007. A Brand Ambassador is someone that represents a Brand in a very direct way. Our agency's Youthopia Philippines, and our location's here in Bacolod City but we have to cover all Negros Occidental. Our target was the elementary students who have reached the puberty stage so that's from grade four up.
My main reason at that time's to earn extra bucks. My daily rate was P900 plus. HAHAHA
And of course it did had some other advantages/benefits for me because I was taking up Marketing course as well.
Actually we had 5 groups. 5 brand ambassadors, 5 demo girls and 10 helpers. We had to get up early to meet and prepare everything, the materials and all and proceed to our designated areas. yeah, at around 4 to 5 am. I, the brand ambassador, the team leader, had to asked permission first of course to the principal, although some school's were already scheduled but we had to have additional ones to meet our quota. It wasn't really easy talking to each school's principal... Tsk Tsk! Not an easy task at all. well nothing is. It also happened many times that I questioned myself "why am I here?"
 I am so not a morning person. and i have insomnia.... and I had to be bubbly and alive in front of 25 to 45 kids, because I was the host of the whole whisper program, entertain the kids for them to be interested in us. The demo girl only demonstrates about the napkin, but I influenced the show/program. Had to teach the kids about hygiene and all, promote whisper and other P&G products. We also had games.
The one in-charge for youthopia's Whisper project happens to be a good friend of mine, texted me that time that they needed pretty ladies blah blah blah HAHAHA
He wanted me to join, so I did for the normal purposes. We had a one week training. But as I observed our training was quite satisfactory to me, because Mark was very strict with that purpose of having an effective result. If he doesn't like how the demo girls perform he let them do it again and again. Also the correct pronunciation, although not really perfect but somehow understandable. The Language used was a mixture of a lil English but more Hiligaynon.
So now I get it why was I there on that van 6am traveling around the schools of Negros Occidental. Five times a week daily waking up around 4:30am.
Thanks so much P&G for that project. and thanks so much manong Mark for the opportunity.
Because right now I happen to be a marketing manager, and I do the screening for all promotional staff, each company such as P&G deploys. Lastly, I speak in front of the public most of the time, so what can I say? My hosting/public speaking has improved? HAHAHA 

Thank You Lord! you really had helped me alot.

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