Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcome to Dreamworld

WELCOME to DREAMWORLD-  An amusement park located in Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Province Thailand (North of Bangkok).
Been there twice already. Last one was 6 years ago, i think.
The tour cost us 1,500 baht each. Includes the van to and fro, free lunch, the entrance fee of the park (ride all you can) exception: Snow Town, and Go Kart- Additional fee but with discounted coupons =)
HAHA, my hair's a mess.. =)

the 4D Adventure... the details a secret, :P  but its fun though HAHAHA

I don't really ride those kind coz  it's scary for me haha, but boyfie wants to so I did. My world turned around afterwards. HAHAHA

You'll really get wet at the Super Splash ride. We bought a raincoat though. Super Fun! THUMBS UP!

Inside the snow town... 

very very cold...

3 games for 100 baht, 1 game for 40 baht. Pop the balloon x 7 per game.. balloon x 4= keychain, x5= small stuff toy,  x6= medium size stuff toy, x7= large size stuff toy (see that devil/red colored one at the side).

Nope, we didn't ride the Hurricane. Boyfie wants to but the weather's so hot.

The Grand Canyon's fun! A Thumbs Up! but we both got wet! No raincoat!

Lunch buffet!

I so love the chicken curry! =)

Inside the Giant House!

real sunflowers!

the 7 wonders of the world.. 

Bought two shirts coz our clothes were wet and  we're sweaty too..

waiting for the van..

and of course my lookbook post

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