Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Christmas Morning 2012

 I know, its my overdue christmas post. =) its been really a busy month... Merry Christmas, still. HAHAHA
My brother was the one who took my photos. Thanks to you brother dear. He's my ever so charming sibling. (Ohh wait, I'll post a picture of him below HAHAHA)

My brother, me and my two genius cousins...

So anyways, my color that day's so christmas-ish, plus my hair LOL.  well, I promised my self to post lots with my pink hair, coz well, it wouldn't last long, and cost me a lot too hahaha Beauty has a price, they say HAHA LOL.
Times spent with family must be valued especially in christmas time. Some where so far away and alone during christmas.  You're very blessed if you belong in the picture of cheers. Blessings aren't all about material stuff. The priceless ones are the moments spent well with loved ones.

 May the good Lord bless us this 2013 and our country as well.. PEACE!
My lil doll, charming one like her dad. =)

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