Saturday, April 6, 2013

Comfy Mess

So excited to blog about my new shoes from Virtual Mae!
Had a meeting with my MBA groupmates that night. 2 of my girlfriends were also there to cheer up my day to night. HAHAHA had some "brokenhearted issues" LOL 
Top from Bangkok. floral shorts from Zara. Bag from Steve Madden, I bought on sale in Bangkok.
Shoes was produced in the US so I've been waiting for this for a month and finally! so YAAAY!

My friend Bernardo Delfin Jr. took these photos. =)

My Fishbone necklace from Bangkok

My Skater shoes with spikes from Virtual Mae ( don't mess with me! LOL)=)
                                                Went to Felicias for Sweets, HAHAHAH sorry Jan you look sleepy na=)
HAHAHA I was in a "Confuse" kinda state LOL. thats my fave Banoffee! =)

and Jamjam. =)

Thanks for reading my post LOL=)

Friday, April 5, 2013

B&W night

Hello there!
been awhile since my last outfit post.  busy days at work and at school. 
(April 2, 2013) Happy 39th Month to me and boyfie. 
Before dinner date, went to church, served God with my BLD praise Singles Ministry group, since it's the first Tuesday of the month, we had mass at Redemptorist Church. And We were scheduled to sing. And uhmm the dress code's Black and White, so there...
Had to wear tights to look appropriate for church. 

I so love my Steve Madden bag, it was on sale when I bought it in Bangkok.

my fave white G-shock watch from TIME DEPOT, my sea horse cuff from Bangkok, and a  white bracelet with  a small Mother Mary's medallion  (not shown) from my good friend Janina which she brought as a pasalubong from Simala Cebu.

my POISE flats =) Glitters!

its only P800! and made in Marikina. =)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The new fave place of mine in town..
You heard of wintermelon with rocksalt and cheese? Wooah! Soo aaaaah!;) cant really explain but its a super thumbs up taste!

There's a lot of those milk tea shakes in town. But for me the best so far is in mayfair plaza bldg;)
They have other branches though.. In Lopues East, and in Burgos.

Ive tried matcha and wintermelon both a wow for me! My boyfie likes it too!

P. S. Had one earlier!;) can't wait for my next visit there!

Till next time! ;)