Saturday, April 6, 2013

Comfy Mess

So excited to blog about my new shoes from Virtual Mae!
Had a meeting with my MBA groupmates that night. 2 of my girlfriends were also there to cheer up my day to night. HAHAHA had some "brokenhearted issues" LOL 
Top from Bangkok. floral shorts from Zara. Bag from Steve Madden, I bought on sale in Bangkok.
Shoes was produced in the US so I've been waiting for this for a month and finally! so YAAAY!

My friend Bernardo Delfin Jr. took these photos. =)

My Fishbone necklace from Bangkok

My Skater shoes with spikes from Virtual Mae ( don't mess with me! LOL)=)
                                                Went to Felicias for Sweets, HAHAHAH sorry Jan you look sleepy na=)
HAHAHA I was in a "Confuse" kinda state LOL. thats my fave Banoffee! =)

and Jamjam. =)

Thanks for reading my post LOL=)

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