Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Little Girl In A Green Dress

Tiny drops falling down, it just kept on falling... 
So i asked her, "why you crying little girl?"
She looked at me with so much sadness in her and said, 
"Do you know what it feels like to be alone?
Do you know what it feels like when nobody wants you?
Do you know what it feels not knowing who you really are?
Do you know what it feels not knowing why they left you?"
She bowed her head and continued to weep.
I touched her tiny head...
"I think i know."
"How? Are you an orphan, same as I?"
"No. But sometimes I wish i was."
"Like you, they left me. I was old enough then."
"I wish i could answer that question too. I guess they dont want me enough."
"I wish it was. Happiness i guess. Sadly i'm not part of that."
"That's too sad."
"I know."
"Mine left me here because we were so poor."
"Your parents let you go to let you live."
"But i dont even dont know who my parents are."
"Me, i wonder if they're really my parents. Funny huh?"
"That's sad. But why aren't you crying?"
"Must I? But just because i'm not crying doesn't mean i'm not hurting. It hurts like hell. The pain can be  suffocating."
"So, you don't cry."
"I cry at times. I cried a lot too. Its ok to cry but reality remains the same, so what must we do?"
She smiled and hugged me tight.